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Requirements for residential conditions plan

If you, in your capacity as an employer, provide accommodation to your employees, you must prepare a plan for preventing Covid-19 infections among the occupants.

As an employer, you must ensure that the accommodation provided to your employees meet a number of requirements. The purpose is to prevent Covid-19 infections among the occupants.

Requirements for employee accommodation

  1. The occupants must have access to toilet and bathing facilities as well as dining and kitchen facilities.
  2. The occupants must be able to maintain at least one metre of distance between them at all times.
  3. The residence must be set up to allow each occupant to have at least four square metres at their disposal in common residential areas.
  4. There should be visible signage indicating the maximum number of persons allowed in a room, visible cleaning instructions and hygiene rules as well as line markings to indicate distances.
  5. The residence should have access to a sink with soap and hand sanitizer, especially in common residential areas.
  6. The layout of the residence must ensure a high standard of hygiene with the opportunity for frequent, effective cleaning and personal hygiene.
  7. Occupants should have access to personal storage space for their personal effects.
  8. Each occupant must have their own bed.

Required contents of the plan

You are required to prepare a plan for residential conditions in any form of accommodation you provide to employees in your capacity as an employer. The plan must be available in writing and must contain information demonstrating how you aim to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 infections among the occupants in the residence.

We have created a template that you can utilise to help you prepare this plan. You are free to use this template or create your own.

However, the plan should at minimum contain the following information:

  1. Employer’s contact details
  2. Residence address
  3. Size of the residence
  4. Number of occupants in the residence
  5. A description of how the employer has taken into account preventing Covid-19 infections among occupants in the residence, including instructions provided by the employer to the occupants concerning frequent, effective cleaning and hygiene (see “Requirements for employee accommodation” above).

About Danish Working Environment Authority inspections

The Danish Working Environment Authority will carry out inspections to ensure that employers providing accommodation to their employees have prepared a plan for residential conditions.

If you are unable to provide a plan, or if the plan is inadequate, the Danish Working Environment Authority can issue an immediate enforcement notice and notify the relevant municipality of the conditions. These rules apply to all forms of accommodation in which there are two or more employees occupying the same residence.

The inspector will also ask the employees occupying the residence or a representative of those employees whether they have been informed of the contents of the plan.

The Danish Working Environment’s inspection of whether you have prepared a residential conditions plan does not affect other and regular inspection routines.


The Danish Working Environment’s Call Centre at 70 12 12 88