Rules and guidelines on health and safety on offshore installations

A number of acts and guidelines regulates the safety and health conditions of installations etc. used for offshore oil and gas activities.

Acts and regulations in English are unofficial translations and meant purely as a guidance tool. The Danish Working Environment Authority does not assume any liability for their contents in English. Only acts and regulations in Danish are official version and in force. In case of discrepancy, the original Danish text shall prevail.

Please note that the below-mentioned rules may be outdated. We refer to where you can find the rules in force, but only in Danish.

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The Offshore Safety Act

Consolidated act no. 125 of 6 February 2018 regarding safety, etc. for offshore installations for exploration, production and transportation of hydrocarbons (The Offshore Safety Act) - as subsequently amended.

The Offshore Safety Act

The act regulates safety of offshore installations etc., the working environment on the installations and other health conditions, as well as prevention of major environmental incidents in connection with offshore oil and gas operations.

Executive Orders and WEA Guidelines

There are a number of Executive Orders, which contain detailed regulation, and guidelines which explain the rules pursuant to the above mentioned acts.

Executive Orders

WEA guidelines

EU Regulations

In addition to Danish acts and regulations, the EU has issued Regulations, which are directly applicable to businesses and citizens across the EU. Therefore, it is not required to implement these in national rules, which is the case with directives. One such Regulation is the so-called REACH regulation involving chemicals, including the use of chemicals in relation to offshore oil and gas activities.