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Notification of biocidal products

Special rules apply regarding notification of biocidal products. All products with biocides have to be notified in the Product Registry. Either according to the general rules on notification hazardous substances and materials as a standard notification or if they are used by private consumers only or/and in quantities less than 100 kg per year according to the special rules on products with biocides as a biocide notification. If your company manufactures or export biocidal products to Denmark, you are obliged to notify the Product Registry.

The Product Registry must be notified of biocidal products in accordance with the rules of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). However, this does not apply to treated articles. Read more about treated articles at the homepage of the Danish EPA.

Products may be authorized in the entire EU in one go

Biocidal products must be reported in one of two different ways depending on whether they meet the general requirements for notification to the Product Registry or not.

Biocides (The Danish EPA)

General requirements for notification to the Product Registry:

  • The product is for professional use
  • The product is produced or imported in quantities of 100 kg per calendar year.

If the product meets the general requirements, you must complete a standard notification in the Product Registry.

  • Only if the product is sold entirely to private households or produced or imported in quantities below 100 kg per year, the notification shall be done according to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) rules. Then you must use the special notification for biocidal products.

In both cases, the notification to the Product Registry must be completed on our website.

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