G� til hovedindholdet

List of particular dangerous work

Annex 1 to the Danish Working Environment Authority’s Executive Order no. 117 on the duties of the client

  1. Work that involves any especially serious risk of being buried, sinking or falling down due to the type of activity or working process used, or because of the surroundings of the site or building works. 
  2. Work that can expose workers to chemical or biological substances and materials that either represent a special danger to their health and safety or involve mandatory health inspections. 
  3. Work that can expose workers to ionising radiation and that makes it necessary to designate controlled and monitored areas, as defined in article 20 of Council Directive 80/836/Euratom. 
  4. Work close to high voltage lines. 
  5. Work that entails a danger of drowning. 
  6. Work in manholes and tunnels and underground work. 
  7. Work under water, for which diving equipment is used. 
  8. Work in pressure chambers. 
  9. Work involving the use of explosives. 
  10. Assembling and dismantling of heavy prefabricated elements. 

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