G� til hovedindholdet

Plan for health and safety

Annex 3 to the Danish Working Environment Authority’s Executive Order no. 117 on the duties of the client

The plan shall include:

  1. An organisation plan.
  2. A site diagram.
  3. A schedule.
  4. Designation of access routes and areas.
  5. Designation of areas where work will be performed by multiple employers and their employees.
  6. Designation of common safety measures provided in common areas.
  7. Demarcation of areas where the work can imply special risk.
  8. A procedure for regular inspection of installations, safety measures and any special risks etc.
  9. Designation of a person performing planned, regular inspections and coordination of emergency, evacuation and exercise plans.
  10. Specific measures concerning any especially hazardous work, cf. section 10, no. 2, cf. Annex 1.

The site diagram shall show where there are:

  1. existing risks in the area and what they are,
  2. access, transport and evacuation routes,
  3. cranes, lifts and scaffoldings,
  4. designated areas for material storage, temporary workshops and refuse containers,
  5. designated areas for welfare measures,
  6. connections for electricity, water, sewage and
  7. alarm, fire, rescue and first aid equipment.

The schedule shall state:

  1. when an individual employer is to work on the site and the amount of time allocated to individual works or phases, and
  2. in which periods work that implies special hazards will be performed, cf. Annex 1.

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