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Mobile equipment

Annex 2 to the Executive Order No. 1109 on Use of Technical Equipment

7.  Mobile equipment

7.1.  Only persons who have received sufficient training in safe driving of self-propelled equipment may be employed as drivers of such equipment.

7.2.  If such equipment moves in a working area, adequate traffic rules shall be set out and complied with.

7.3.  Measures shall be taken when organising the work to prevent pedestrian traffic and the use of self-propelled equipment in the same area.

If pedestrian traffic is necessary to ensure the proper performance of the work, adequate measures shall be taken in order to protect the pedestrians from being injured.

7.4. Transport of persons on power-driven mobile equipment shall be allowed only if the persons are in safe positions designed for such transport. If they have to work while driving, the speed shall be adjusted accordingly.

7.5. The use of mobile equipment with a combustion engine shall be allowed only in working areas if it has been ensured that sufficient air is available, posing no risk to the health and safety of any persons.

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