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About the Product Registry

The Product Registry is a joint registry under the Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The objective of the registry is to monitor the use of hazardous substances and materials in Denmarkand to provide an overview of the spread and use of hazardous substances and materials in Denmark.

The Registry contains information on approx. 38,000 notified products.

The information in the Product Registry is used to e.g. monitor the use of hazardous substances and materials, e.g. the use of carcinogenic substances in specific sectors.

The Product Registry includes information about substances and materials, e.g. trade name, composition, danger labels, quantity manufactured/imported as well as use, e.g. paint, and in which trades or industries the substances or materials are used.

Data security - the Product Registry and Probas

Data security is a key issue, both in Product Registry case processing, and when your company needs access to Probas.

The Product Registry processes and stores product information in accordance with a set of specific data security measures. The Danish Working Environment Authority stores this information physically in a secure archive facility, and electronically in the Probas database. Only employees with special clearance have access to information in Probas.

Information in the Product Registry is subject to high security in accordance with the regulations in the Executive Order on the Registry for Substances and Materials. As part of security measures, the companies must use a two-factor login to gain access to the Product Registry. This ensures that companies can only gain access to their own confidential information. All communication to and from the system is encrypted. This ensures there is no risk of unauthorized parties gaining access to confidential information. 

Companies only have the opportunity to see their own products.

The Product Registry was established in 1979.

Sidst revideret: 29. October 2020

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