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Report a work accident

When an employee is injured in an accident at work, the employer must report the accident.

Digital notification of work accidents

Notification of accidents can be given digitally via EASY. EASY is a notification system for reporting accidents at work made by the Danish Working Environment Authority and the Danish Labour Market Insurance. Currently the system is only available in Danish.

Digital notification through EASY is only possible for companies with a Danish CBR number. In addition access requires a NemID employee signature with rights to EASY.

Report a work accident with CBR number in EASY (, English)

A foreign enterprise without a Danish CBR-number, i.e. the owner of a foreign drilling rig, can report a work accident via a special input to EASY. In this case the company must submit its RUT-number (Register of Foreign Service Providers).

Report a work accident with RUT number (, English)

Enterprises that neither have a Danish CBR nor a RUT number are referred to a special notification form.

Report a work accident (form)

When to report a work accident

The employer is obliged to report an accident at work:

  • if it means that the person can not perform his usual work for 1 day or more in addition to the injury date. Notification must be made within 9 days from the first day of absence, cf. the Working Environment Act
  • if the injured person can be entitled to compensation under the Occupational Injury Act (eg compensation for permanent loss or loss of employment). Notification must be made no later than 9 days after the accident date
  • if the injured person has not fully resumed his work within 5 weeks of the accident, cf. the Occupational Injury Act.

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