How to improve the working environment

Tools and knowledge regarding important topics on occupational health and safety at the workplace

  • COVID-19 testing - for migrant workers and foreign employers

    COVID-19 testing - for migrant workers and foreign employers

    Do you want a COVID-19 test? It is now possible for migrant workers to be tested, even if they have no symptoms. Get more information concerning the offer here.

    COVID-19 testing options
  • Prevent coronavirus infection on construction sites

    Prevent coronavirus infection on construction sites

    The coronavirus is contagious indoor as well as outdoor. Work at the Danish construction sites must follow the same guidelines as other work environments.

    Precautions on construction sites
  • Forebyg coronasmitte ved transport af gods

    Do any special rules apply to the transportation of goods?

    How can you prevent coronavirus infection spreading in the transportation sector? Read the recommendations of the Danish Working Environment Authority.

    Precautions during transportation
  • Mand i drivhus

    Preventing coronavirus infection in 'green space' companies

    'Green space' companies in the horticultural and agricultural sectors, for example, are often well placed in terms of planning work so that employees can maintain social distancing.

    Precautions in 'green space' companies
  • Forebyg coronasmitte på slagteri

    What can slaughterhouses do to prevent the coronavirus?

    During the corona crisis, fish, meat and poultry slaughterhouses can prevent infection of their employees by enhancing their hygiene procedures.

    Precautions in slaughterhouses
  • Indretning af kontor

    Prevent coronavirus infection in private office workplaces

    Read here how you can prevent novel coronavirus from spreading in office workplaces. The guidelines are developed by the Danish Working Environment Authority and the Danish Patient Safety Authority.

    Prevention in office workplaces