Relevant self-service solutions regarding working environment in Denmark.

Some professional qualifications must be assessed and approved by Arbejdstilsynet - the Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) - if they have been acquired abroad. This applies to a number of job functions in industry and construction. Qualifications must be approved before the employee is allowed to work in Denmark.

When working with genetic engineering or clinical research with genetically modified human cells, two applications must be submitted to Arbejdstilsynet, the Danish Working Environment Authority. One is a review of the research project or clinical research. The other is necessary to provide a classification of the laboratory areas where the work is to take place.

Companies that manufacture or import hazardous substances and materials for commercial use in Denmark must notify the Product Registry.

Foreign companies carrying out temporary work in Denmark must notify the Register of Foreign Service Providers (RUT) of their assignments. This applies to foreign companies with as well as without employees. The notification must be done before the work begins.

If so, check here whether it is damaging to your health.