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Offensive behaviour must stop - Let us help

Employers in Denmark have a duty to prevent offensive behaviour, including bullying and sexual harassment. However, if it does occur, the employer is obliged to deal with it in an appropriate manner.

Offensive behaviour at the workplace is a serious health and safety problem and can have significant consequences for the workplace as a whole and for individuals.

Offensive behaviour can, among other things, increase risks of stress and stress-related illnesses such as depression.

In order to prevent offensive behaviour, it is important that you talk about how you speak to and treat each other at the workplace.

What can be regarded as offensive?

Offensive behaviour can include:

  • Hurtful remarks
  • Discriminatory treatment
  • Unpleasant teasing
  • Speaking badly of people
  • Exclusion from the social and professional community
  • Telling-off
  • Ridiculing
  • Silence as a response to questions or attempts at conversation

These can be made consciously or unconsciously by colleagues, managers, customers or partners.

There may be different interpretations of what is offensive. The most important thing is that the behaviour is regarded as degrading by the person experiencing it. As people have different boundaries, it is important that you discuss your boundaries in the workplace.


Get help

Make an anonymous call to our hotline for offensive behaviour on 70 12 12 88
(Mon-Wed: 08:00-15:00, Thur: 08:00-18:00, Fri: 08:00-14:00).

The hotline answers calls in English.

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