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How to notify the Product Registry about substances and materials

In the Product Registry information is saved on chemical products, that are manufactured in or exported to Denmark.

If you manufacture or export a product to Denmark that fall under the obligation to notify, these products must be notified to the Product Registry.

How to notify to the Product Registry 

If you want to log in for the first time as a foreign company, please contract the Product Registry to get a user profile:

If your company has a Danish CVR-number, you can use your NemID to log in. 

Log in to the Product Registry

User guide to the Product Registry (pdf)

You will receive a PR number when the substance or the material has been notified in the Product Registry.

You must ensure that the PR number is stated on the packaging of the substance or the material no later than one year after you have received it.

Furthermore, you must include the PR number in the product’s safety data sheet (instructions) in item 1.1.: ”Product identifier”, or in item 15: ”Information regarding regulation”.

A PR number is not an approval of the substance or material - it only serves as proof that it has been notified to the Product Registry.

Foreign manufacturers can notify substances and materials

A foreign manufacturer can notify a substance or material instead of the Danish importer. This can be done as a raw material notification or a standard notification. The foreign manufacturer must state the CVR nos. of the Danish importers for standard notifications.

The Danish importer(s) will automatically receive a message in their official digital mailbox (e-Boks), where they will be asked to confirm the import of the substance or the material.

The foreign manufacturers has the same obligation to update the information as a Danish notifier.

In addition, every other year, the Product Registry will ask the Danish importer to submit information regarding the actual quantities imported for standard notifications.

Updating of notifications

You must update information regarding a registered product if there are significant changes to the information you have previously submitted. This could be changes in the composition, changes in the labeling, or if the import or manufacture of the substances and materials is terminated.

For example the information regarding a registered substance or material must be updated if the classification and labeling is made according to the CLP Regulation instead of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency's regulations.

You must also update the Product Registry if the company’s legal status changes, e.g. if the Danish importer is issued with a new CVR number or your company changes name, location or changing of users.

Updates must be made online

You have to log in to the Product Registry via OnlineAT to register the changes. Once you have logged in you can search for the product in question and supply the new information.