The Danish Working Environment Act encompasses work performed in Danish territory, including loading and unloading of ships and shipyard work aboard ships.

The Offshore Safety Act regulates safety of offshore installations, the working environment on the installations and other health conditions.

The consolidation Act concerning posting of workers is relevant for foreign enterprises posting workers to Denmark in order to provide services as well as foreign enterprises providing services in Denmark without posting workers.

The Workers’ Compensation Act regulates compensation to injured persons or their surviving dependents in the event of an industrial injury.

The Act is implemented through Executive Orders.

Executive Orders are binding on citizens and any violation of the rules is therefore subject to legal sanctions.

WEA Guidelines describe how the regulations laid down in Danish working environment legislation are to be interpreted. WEA Guidelines are not, in themselves, binding on citizens; they are, however, based on regulations (Acts and Executive Orders) that are binding. 

The Danish Working Environment Authority will take no further action in situations where an enterprise, for example, has acted in accordance with the relevant WEA Guidelines.

The working environment in Denmark is regulated by various types of regulation. The Working Environment Act is a framework Act, which lays down the general provisions. The Act is implemented through Executive Orders.