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List of work involving particular risks to the safety and health of workers

Annex 1 to Executive Order no. 2107 of 24 November 2021 on Building and Construction

  1. Work which puts workers at risk of burial under earth falls, engulfment in swampland or falling from a height due to the nature of the work or processes used or due to the environment at the place of work or site.
  2. Work which puts workers at risk from chemical or biological substances and materials constituting a particular danger to the safety and health of workers or involving a legal requirement for health monitoring.
  3. Work with ionizing radiation requiring the designation of controlled or supervised areas as defined in Article 20 of Council Directive 80/836/Euratom.
  4. Work near high voltage power lines.
  5. Work exposing workers to the risk of drowning.
  6. Work on wells and tunnels and underground earthworks.
  7. Work carried out by divers having a system of air supply.
  8. Work carried out in caisson with a compressed-air atmosphere.
  9. Work involving the use of explosives.
  10. Assembly or dismantling of heavy prefabricated components.

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