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Professional qualifications acquired in an EU/EEA country - permanent work

Professional qualifications from an EU or EEA country need to be recognised by the authorities in the case of permanent work in an area which is subject to education or training requirements in Denmark. Read below to find out when an application needs to be submitted to the Danish Working Environment Authority.

If the professional qualifications are from an EU or an EEA country and the person is going to undertake permanent work for the company, the qualifications will need to be recognised by the authorities if the work area or profession is subject to education or training requirements in Denmark.

Such professional qualifications can include courses of education, certificates or work experience, for example.

Work areas which require the recognition of qualifications by the Danish Working Environment Authority:

  • work involving the interior demolition of asbestos 
  • work with asphalt materials 
  • work with epoxy and isocyanates 
  • work with styrene 
  • work at a natural gas installation 
  • work involving the inspection, maintenance and repair of lifts, etc.
  • work as a boiler operator 
  • work as a crane operator, forklift driver or the driver of a telescopic loader or stacker 
  • work as a refrigeration engineer 
  • work involving the erection of scaffolding 
  • work with welding 
  • training as a coordinator for safety and health procedures at the construction and installation site

The company may not employ or engage persons for the work above unless they have undertaken the relevant Danish training or education programme or otherwise attained evidence of formal qualifications, a certificate or a letter of recognition from the Danish Working Environment Authority.

An application to have qualifications recognised can be submitted by the company or by the individual.

Apply to have foreign qualifications recognised

Sidst revideret: 12. January 2023

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